10 Ways to Balance a Career with a Baby


Plan Your Pregnancy

Today, women are important in the workforce, prominent in politics and even visible in the clergy. Women are everywhere, including at home raising children. Because having a child is a huge undertaking both financially and personally, more women and couples are planning the big event well in advance. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), women are having children later, and although there can be complications when postponing motherhood until after the age of 35, waiting is more common now than it was even a couple of decades ago [source: Gracco].

If you think having a child at your present age may shift your career focus at the wrong time, making the decision to wait could take the pressure off for a few years and allow you to concentrate on one large challenge at a time. Yale Psychologist Edward Zigler suggests that having children at a younger age has some real advantages, but that ultimately, "Good parenting is a process of bonding and attachment. This is more important than the age of the parent" [source: Smiglis]. Advance planning or delaying a pregnancy can make it easier to align finances and career challenges with family goals, and although it isn't always possible, waiting and advance planning may be for you.