10 Ways to Balance a Career with a Baby

Forget About Perfection

Sometimes OK is good enough. Women are often taught that adequacy is awful, but that mindset can be dangerous, especially when there aren't enough hours in one day to get everything done. At the end of the day, sometimes literally, the key to success in juggling a family and a career may be in learning to let go, dismiss some things from your mind and move on. Your mom may have told you that a well-made bed has to have hospital corners; your boss may be passionate about the best way to format an e-mail; even the dog may have a preference for certain types of food or the proper orientation of his water bowl -- whatever. They aren't the perfection problem, though. The perfection problem is in trying to satisfy everyone, reasonable or not, every day. Psychologist Alice Domar has a simple recipe for making women's lives easier: Accept the fact that perfection is unattainable. After that, the Monday morning meeting is a piece of cake [source: Boston Globe].

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