5 Reasons Child IDs are a Good Idea


Some children benefit from ID cards as a form of communication, specifically kids with disabilities that make it difficult for them to communicate. Let's use autism as an example, as it touches the lives of many American families. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that autism spectrum disorders occur in one out of every 110 births, and according to an estimate by the Autism Society, autism diagnoses are growing at a 10 to 17 percent rate every year.

Some children on the spectrum do not speak, while others may use alternative methods of communication such as pictures or sign language. Some may have language abilities but find themselves unable to interact with strangers. For these children, an ID card can be used as a way to share important information beyond basic identification (name, address, height, weight), including information about their disability, how to communicate with them, and any critical sensory or behavioral information.

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