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Learning about child safety will help keep your kids from coming to harm. Get tips and information at HowStuffWorks.


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'Latchkey Kids': What's Different About Leaving Children Home Alone Now Versus Then

Many latchkey kids remember their time fondly, even though they wouldn't leave their own kids alone.

Grandparents' Child Care Habits Can Be Outdated, Potentially Harmful

Sometimes, their old-school methods are benign. But other times, they're seriously risky, according to a new study.

'An Emerging Public Health Concern': Your Local Trampoline Park

A new study looked at the types of injuries sustained from trampoline park accidents, highlighting the need for better safety standards in these theme parks.

What are some fire safety tips for kids?

Fire safety tips may be obvious to adults, but children may not be aware of all the dangers. Learn what some safety tips for kids are in this article.

What are some cell phone safety tips for kids?

To minimize electromagnetic radiation exposure, limit cell phone usage. To reduce dangers from predators, teach your children not to communicate with strangers. Learn about cell phone safety tips for kids from this article.

What are some electricity safety tips for kids?

It’s important for children to know how to use electrical appliances safely and when to avoid them. Learn more about electricity safety tips for kids from this article.

What are some gun safety tips for kids?

It’s important to teach children gun safety rules to prevent accidents. Learn more about some gun safety tips for kids from this article.

What are some Internet safety tips for kids?

You should teach children that although the Internet has a wealth of information and can be used to foster social connections, it’s not a private place and can be abused. Learn more about some Internet safety tips for kids from this article.

What are some lab safety tips for kids?

Children must always follow safety precautions when they work in a laboratory. Learn about lab safety tips for kids from this article.

What are some electricity safety games for kids?

While parents can talk to their children at length about electricity safety, kids often incorporate the message more successfully through interactive games. Learn about electricity safety games for kids from this article.

10 Strategies for Helping Grade-schoolers Cope with Bullying

Most parents probably carry memories of being bullied when they were kids, but today's grade-schoolers have to deal with a whole new range of attacks. As a parent, you can help, but how?

5 Reasons Child IDs are a Good Idea

Local law enforcement agencies along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recommend that all kids have and carry identification cards.

10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Forty percent of all injury-related ER visits and 42 percent of all injury deaths happen between May and August. We can avoid almost 90 percent of these accidents by educating ourselves and our kids on how to stay safe while enjoying summer vacation.

5 Summer Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Ah, summertime. The living is easy, but the potential for accidents looms large. As we laze in the carefree summer days, it's easy to get distracted, and that's when accidents occur.

Are insect repellents safe for kids?

Early reports about the insect repellent DEET scared parents, but what can they use on their kids when the bugs start biting? As it turns out, they have more options than they think.

How do I know if my child's toys are safe?

After massive recalls several years back, many U.S. parents were stunned to learn how loosely children's toys were regulated. And while regulations have ramped up since then, safety still isn't a guarantee. How do you know if toys are safe?

Is Facebook safe for kids?

Facebook has something for just about everyone. It's a great place to make friends. Parents and grandparents use the site. Plus there are all kinds of games. Is there a place for the younger set on Facebook, too?

Is YouTube safe for kids?

YouTube has experienced explosive growth over the past few years, and so has the amount of time kids spend online. Can you let your child enjoy the site without worrying about what he or she sees?

Ultimate Guide to Halloween Safety

Halloween should be fun and spooky -- not outright scary or filled with accidents, disasters and paranoia. How can you minimize the risks that pop up on Halloween evening?

Ultimate Guide to Child IDs

When a child goes missing, AMBER Alerts help get the word out. But child IDs can help make the process even faster, getting the child's vital stats to authorities as quickly as possible.

Top 10 Home Safety Tips for Kids

Home is a place where children need to feel safe, but it's also a veritable disaster zone of potential hazards. What are 10 simple ways to keep your kids safe at home?

Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

The real winners when it comes to summer are kids. The long days hold nothing but adventures, from backyard baseball games to sleepaway camp. Still, kids and their parents can't afford to let their guard down when it comes to safety.

Top 5 Winter Safety Tips for Kids

Killer snowmen and runaway reindeer aren't the likeliest winter threats, but just because everyone's in a festive mood doesn't mean you can slack on safety. To ensure that your little ones survive the coldest season, take a look at these tips.

For Kids' Sake: A Freak Accident

We are all susceptible to accidents but we can take measures to lessen our exposure to them. Take a look at this story from Dr. G about how children can get into a freak accident.

Child Safety Tips

Childhood accidents are numerous and range from the less common, yet nightmarish car accidents and child abductions to equally dangerous, more commonplace playground and pool accidents. Learn about child safety tips.