10 Answers to Your Teen's Uncomfortable Questions


"Here Are the Facts."

Don't preach or yell at your kid. Try to remain calm.
Don't preach or yell at your kid. Try to remain calm.

If your teen comes to you with a question, it's probably because he or she knows that information from popular culture or other teenagers isn't likely to be completely accurate. This is your time to lay out the facts about the risks and responsibilities of certain actions. It may be tempting to scare your teen; for example, you might want to say that sex is awful and your teen should never do it because a baby and an STD will probably be the result. But resist the impulse to use scare tactics, which can cause your teen to shut down. Instead, try to present a balanced picture while clearing up common myths your teen may have heard. Perhaps your teen has heard that it's impossible to get addicted to drugs the first time they're used, or that girls can't get pregnant when they're on their period. Clear up such misconceptions and show your teen how every behavior -- no matter how tempting -- can carry certain consequences.