10 Facebook Faux Pas in New Relationships


Lying About the Relationship

Posting falsehoods on Facebook may ruin a budding relationship.
Posting falsehoods on Facebook may ruin a budding relationship.

In any relationship, one of the worst things you can do is to be dishonest with the other person. As previously stated, trust is an essential part of having an intimate connection with someone, whether it's a close friend or a romantic partner. That's as true online as it is face-to-face.

Don't judge Facebook by its cover -- or wall, or profile. On Facebook, you can say just about anything until someone finds out you're lying. Providing false personal information in your profile is a violation of the Facebook user agreement [source: Facebook]. In your status and comments, false information may be harder to detect. In any case, any Facebook user can report you as having violated that user agreement if you're dishonest, and you could lose access to your account as a result.

If you're in a new relationship, that dishonesty can lead to trouble offline, too. When your new partner finds out you've been lying about the relationship to your Facebook friends, there may be no chance to recover the loss in trust your partner feels. Lying about the relationship to can also be double jeopardy: You might lose trust from both your partner and the people you lied to.

In short, to avoid a Facebook faux pas in your new relationship, keep it honest, keep it clean and keep your enthusiasm in check. Plus, help polish your relationship netiquette with lots more information below.

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