Commitment Phobia: Not Just a Male Phenomenon?

Mention the words "commitment phobic" in casual conversation, and often times you'll find people complaining about men. For a long time that may (or may not) have been true. Regardless, commitment phobia has been a puzzle of relationships for a long time. Is commitment phobia exclusively a male phenomenon?

Time was when a woman graduated high school, her only goal was to get married and have children. But with the 60s came a big change - women became movers and shakers in a world previously dominated by men. These new gains meant new attitudes, even in the areas of love and marriage.

Thirty years later, the question is: Did the revolution turn the former societal expectation on its head?

Not really. Even today - in the 21st century - the notion that women should marry and have children still exists.

This gives rise to an even larger question: Can societal expectations and the new 'freedom' women discovered decades ago, co-exist without wreaking havoc between men and women?

To find out the answer, we asked relationship counselor Audrey Chapman, author of Getting Good Loving and Seven Attitude Adjustments to Finding a Loving Man. Chapman says the confusion over a woman's main role in society has caused a state commonly known as commitment phobia in both men and women.

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