How to Know If You're Ready to Move In Together

Tips for Moving In Together

Moving in together can be one of the best decisions you and your partner make -- especially if it works out beautifully. To increase the odds of a beautiful result, consider these recommendations:

Be on neutral ground.

It's hard to feel truly at home when you move into someone else's space; and if someone else moves into yours, it may feel like your space is being invaded. If possible, start fresh in a home you pick out together.

Discuss responsibilities.

You may already be on the same page regarding chores and finances, but if you're not, it could prove disastrous. So on the off-chance you're not thinking the same thing, discuss these unpleasantries beforehand and work out a detailed plan regarding how things like cleaning, cooking, rent and utilities will be split.

Give yourself some space.

As much as you love spending time with your partner, remember, we're talking 24/7. Few people can manage that level of togetherness without some kind of break. Make sure you each have, guilt-free, some type of area to call your own, plenty of "me" time and/or time with your other friends built into your living arrangement.

Hope for the best…

But plan for the worst. If all goes well, your cohabitation will last for years and years and you'll live happily ever after. But, as you've probably already learned, break-ups do happen. So set romance aside for a moment, and be practical: When it comes to things like buying furniture or adopting pets to fill up your new, shared space, split up the items between you rather than the cost. You'll be in so much less of a pickle should you decide to part ways.

Now quick, back to the romance. (You're moving in together!)

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