Making Your Long-distance Relationship Work

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Between juggling schedules to challenges in communication, anyone who's ever been in a long-distance relationship can certainly tell you how hard it can be to make a long-distance relationship work. Read our long-distance relationship advice article about long-distance relationships to help you have a great love life.

I really don't think anyone - at least not any woman - intends to end up in a long-distance relationship, but sometimes it just happens. You fall in love with him in town, then he moves out of town. Or you meet him at a military installation, and suddenly one of you gets shipped out. Or maybe you hooked up with a scrumptious man while vacationing, but who can afford to fly to Jamaica every weekend?

It is an understandably difficult commitment to honor if you and your sweetheart decide to keep the relationship going while you are apart. Difficult but not impossible.