How to Exude Confidence on a Date

Don't be shy!
Don't be shy!

In high school, dating might seem daunting. The mere thought of in-depth socializing with a romantic interest, away from the claustrophobia-inducing yet comforting school hallways, can be enough to inspire panic. Will you say all the right things on your date, or will you stumble your way through awkward conversation?

But whether you've been on a few dates already, or if it's a completely new experience, there are ways to make dating more enjoyable and less stressful.

As everyday forms of communication become increasingly casual, formal dates might seem too serious or antiquated. However, a special date can be fun, and it's a great way to brush up on your social skills and find out a few things about someone else. Even if your date doesn't lead to a romantic match, at least you've learned something new, right?

As you read, keep in mind that you'll notice opportunities to practice these skills all day long, whether or not you're interacting with your romantic interest. Even if you make the inevitable blunder, don't give up. Mastering the social techniques crucial to successful dating will help you navigate every aspect of adulthood with charm and confidence.

Although you might be worried about what exactly you'll talk about with your date, there's another important angle a lot of guys forget about: body language. How you communicate with eye contact and gestures make or break a night out -- read more about it on the next page.