5 Facts to Know About Hair Removal Creams

Follow Directions

Companies put warnings on labels for a reason. They get a technical writer to lay out directions for the very same reason -- to keep you safe. Make sure you read warnings and directions and follow them to the letter.

  • • Look for cuts, scrapes, redness and irritation before you apply product. If you notice any, it's a no-go. Hair removal will have to wait another day (or week).
  • • Don't shave if you’re planning to use a depilatory. Shaving means tiny nicks and cuts that chemicals shouldn't be getting near.
  • • Stay away from your eyes (that means eyebrows), nose, ears, and genital areas. Depilatories are meant for the surface of the skin, not to go inside any orifices.
  • • Be generous with the cream, gel or ointment -- no stingy coverage.