5 Historical Hair Removal Methods



Laser hair removal is the common alternative to electrolysis when you're talking permanent hair removal. In this method, a laser light is cast onto the skin, ultimately targeting the hair follicle as heat. This produces inflammation and causes the follicle to permanently go into its resting phase. Though it was tinkered with starting in 1969 with fiber optics, the Food and Drug Administration did not clear the first laser removal system until 1995 [source: James]. The data is still out on just how permanent laser treatments can be, though many consumers have claimed that hair regrowth is rare. If you have light skin and dark hair, you're the best candidate for this technique because the lasers target dark areas on the body. It's noninvasive, and large areas can be treated in a single session. But it's also on the pricey side and can cause burns, skin discoloration and patchy regrowth if it's not performed properly. So like with electrolysis, do some homework and find an experienced and reputable technician.

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