Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know

Beautiful Skin Image Gallery There are many variations on the bikini wax, starting with one that only removes hair at the outer edges of your bikini line. See more pictures of beautiful skin.
©iStockphoto/Nina Matyszczak

After working hard during the cold winter months to keep your beach body in shape, you probably wouldn't want a little excess hair to ruin the appearance of your bikini line. Anyone who's in that boat is constantly looking for better ways to get rid of that hair and keep it gone as long as possible. Out of the temporary hair removal solutions, shaving and cream hair removers need the most upkeep -- their effects don't last long at all. For something that requires a little less maintenance, a bikini wax might be your best bet.

During a bikini wax, an aesthetician spreads hot wax over the target area, then sticks a cloth to the wax so she can rip out the unwanted hair by the roots [source: Sorgen]. And you don't have to limit yourself at just the bikini line: The bikini wax's more comprehensive cousin, the Brazilian wax, leaves you with little to no hair in the pubic area.

Although it can be painful, especially the first few times, waxing in the bikini area does have its benefits. Hair grows back more slowly than it does with other hair removal methods, and it may even get finer and sparser with repeated treatments [source: Goins]. But, like most other beauty procedures, waxing costs money -- and it comes with some risks. There can also be a little embarrassment involved, especially if you're someone who is usually very modest.

Read on to learn where a traditional bikini wax ends and a Brazilian begins.