Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know

Bikini Waxing Kits

If you're brave, modest or frugal, perhaps you've decided to go for it and give yourself a bikini wax. This is best if you are doing a simple bikini line wax. Imagine how you'd have to contort your body to give yourself a Brazilian -- not to mention the damage you could do if you made a mistake while waxing such a sensitive area. Better to leave the extreme waxing to the professionals.

For a basic bikini wax, the tools you'll need include wax, cloth and a spatula to spread the wax. Home kits can come either with or without cloth strips that adhere to the wax -- sometimes you can pull on the wax itself, depending on what type of product it is. You could use either warm or cold wax [source: Skincare-News]. Some kits also come with any combination of pubic hair scissors, a mirror, numbing spray, lotion or cleanser. You may have to try a few different kits to find out which type you like best.

Before you start smearing wax on yourself, check the length of the hair you're about to remove. It should be between one quarter and three-quarters of an inch (between 6 and 19 millimeters) long [source: Carrillo]. From there, prepare as if you were going to a salon. When you're ready to start, read all the directions included with the kit. Make sure your skin is clean and dry or the wax will not stick well [source: Skincare-News].

One more helpful hint: If you're using hot wax, test the temperature before you drip it onto the sensitive skin of your inner thighs [source: Carrillo].

Is a bare bikini line really worth the pain you have to go through to get it? Find out what the benefits are on the next page.