How to Pick a Hair Removal Specialist

It's important to choose a hair removal specialist that you can trust.
It's important to choose a hair removal specialist that you can trust.
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Hair says something about a person. You style it, you play with it, you run your fingers through it -- or you let someone else have that privilege. Whether it's short, long, shaved, permed, spiked, dyed, braided or buzzed, your hair makes as much of a statement as the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the food you eat.

Getting rid of unwanted hair also can make a statement about your personality. Although women have struggled with excess and unwanted hair, men in recent years have become caught up with the activity, too. In fact, men have become so involved in hair removal that a new term -- "manscaping" -- has come into use.

Methods of everyday hair removal range from shaving and plucking to using hair removal creams, or chemical depilatories. Many salons and spas also provide hair removal services, including threading and waxing. Often, these methods suffice, but they may not always get the job done. Some people may want a more permanent solution. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two such options.

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to determine which methods are best. Not every method works well for each area of the body or for different types of hair and skin. Expense can also be an important consideration, as more permanent hair removal options tend to carry higher price tags. Greater potential side effects are also a factor. And for those who decide to use electrolysis or laser hair removal, they face an additional and critical choice -- selecting a hair removal specialist.

Regardless of the type of procedure you choose, you should ask around and get answers to some important questions before going ahead with anything. Read on to learn more about your hair removal options.