How to Make a Face Mask

You can make your own face masks from common household food items like cucumbers. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
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Many people would consider a relaxing day at the spa to be a treat. Unfortunately, your wallet might not feel the same way. Salon treatments can cost hundreds of dollars, and that high cost can deter many from getting them.

If your beauty budget is low, your skin shouldn't have to suffer. Instead, consider skipping a pricey salon facial treatment, and make your own face mask out of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

From honey, avocadoes and oatmeal to tea, milk and eggs, common household food items can be transformed into a soothing face mask in just a few minutes. No matter what your skin type is, homemade face masks can benefit you and keep your budget intact. You may also prefer to use all-natural ingredients in your regular skincare routine.

Homemade skin treatments aren't a new idea. Thousands of years before commercial products were available, ancient Egyptians made powders, ointments and lotions by combining plant extracts with natural oils [source: Slapak]. In China, a combination of ground orange seeds and honey was used to help keep skin clear [source: National Honey Board]. And in the 2nd century, ancient Romans combined animal fats with starches to make facial creams [source: Fountain]. Now you can try this ancient idea on your own -- with a modern twist.

Even if cash is tight, a homemade face mask can leave you feeling pampered and relaxed right in the comfort of your own home. Want to take a break in the company of friends? Throw a homemade face mask party at your house.

Read on to find out which kind of face mask is the best choice for your skin type.