How often should I thread my eyebrows?

A woman has her eyebrows threaded at a fashion show in London.
Threading your eyebrows is an easy and inexpensive alternative to plucking and waxing. See more pictures of personal hygiene practices.
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Trying to keep your eyebrows looking good can be exhausting. Plucking them with tweezers is essentially free, but it's a constant battle. You pluck them in the morning before you go to work only to pluck them again in the evening before you go out on a date. You could wax instead, but it takes some planning and is more expensive. It also tends to leave the skin red and irritated for a while. Instead, you might try an alternative called eyebrow threading. It lasts just as long as waxing and has a number of other benefits as well.

Eyebrow threading originated in the East, particularly in China, India, Egypt and the Middle East, and has gained popularity gradually throughout the rest of the world. It takes an experienced person to perform the treatment, as it can be difficult to perfect. Two threads are twisted, held taught and rolled back and forth over a specific area. During this process, the thread catches and plucks hairs from the eyebrow quickly and in a perfect line. There are no harsh chemicals or wax, and the procedure takes very little preparation time. The result can be flawless eyebrows, and treatments are typically inexpensive. For some, the results can last two to three weeks. The tugging action of threading can be painful, however, and some hairs may break instead of fully plucking, meaning they're likely to grow back faster.


A simple ten-minute procedure performed every two weeks can keep you looking great. If you're lucky, you might even be able to go longer between visits. In the end, it depends largely on you and your body. If you have been waxing and require treatment more frequently than your friends, the same will probably be true for eyebrow threading. Either way, it's a potential alternative for people who find waxing uncomfortable and tweezing too time-consuming.

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