10 Must-have Items in Your Makeup Bag

Most women won't leave the house without makeup, but what separates a must-have item from something it would just be nice to have?
Steve Wisbauer/Getty Images

Most women would just as soon leave home without makeup as they would walk out the door without wearing pants. Makeup is an essential, which is why one of a woman's most important accessories is her cosmetics bag -- the little pouch that holds every tool she needs to look fresh-faced throughout the day and night.

For some women, that little pouch isn't so little anymore. When you have to buy a bigger purse just to accommodate your makeup bag, you're carrying around way too much stuff.

So, what are the true essentials? It's slightly different for everyone, of course, but there are some old standbys you can always use to touch up your look. They're the basics you don't want to be without -- and the products you can justifiably spend some cash on, since they can make or break any look.

In this article, we'll check out the 10 items that definitely belong in your go-to kit, and find out why they're essential. We'll also learn how to pick the best types makeup basics for your skin, and see how the must-haves can work together to create a great-looking face.