10 Must-have Items in Your Makeup Bag


Eyelash Curler

Use an eyelash curler to transform your peepers.
Use an eyelash curler to transform your peepers.
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Nothing can take you from drab daytime to dramatic nighttime like an eyelash curler. Within seconds, an eyelash curler can make your eyes pop, and turn even the measliest lashes into a beautiful frame for your eyes.

You have three options when it comes to eyelash curlers:

  • A crimp curler is the classic design. You close it and then pull it along the length of your lashes to create a dramatic sweep. Just remember to always use a crimp curler before applying mascara. Otherwise, you risk ripping your lashes right out.
  • A precision eyelash curler uses the same basic technique as a crimp curler. However, it's narrower, so you can fit it all the way to the base of your lashes to get more oomph out of them.
  • A heated eyelash curler lets you curl without crimping, and it can take on even the most stubbornly straight eyelashes. Unlike precision and crimp curlers, you use this curler after you've applied mascara. If you want to get the same look but can't afford a heated eyelash curler, just warm up your regular curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds.