10 Must-have Items in Your Makeup Bag



Mascara can take eyes from sleepy to sultry in a flash.
Mascara can take eyes from sleepy to sultry in a flash.
Christopher Stevenson/Getty Images

Thick, long eyelashes are a beauty must. Some women wear fake eyelashes to achieve a sultry, dramatic look. Most women go with the lower-maintenance approach: a layer of mascara.

Mascara can lengthen, thicken and separate lashes, depending on which one you use and how you apply it. Thinner mascaras with finer brushes create more natural looking lashes, and thicker versions with fat brushes make thin lashes look broader and bolder.

You can start your day with top-lashes only (a more natural look) and then add the bottom lashes and one or two extra coats to transition to night. Let the mascara dry after each coat. Then run an eyelash comb through your eyelashes to separate them and remove any clumps.

When it comes to buying mascara, you have a few choices. Waterproof mascaras will stay with you through a day at the office or poolside, although they can really dry out your lashes if you use them every day. Black mascara complements darker hair and complexions. Blue, green, turquoise and brown mascaras stand out when set against lighter lashes. Leave the weird colors, like red and hot pink, for Halloween.