How to Choose the Right Bronzer

Liquid Bronzer vs. Powder Bronzer

Now that you know about bronzer shades and how to match them to your skin tone, it's time to consider which type of bronzer will work best with your skin type.

Some women prefer cream or gel bronzers because they can add moisture to the skin. Beauty experts say that if you are after a dewy glow, liquid or gel bronzers will do the trick [source: Pantin].

If you have oily skin, you may prefer powder bronzers. The powder can help your skin look less oily, while a liquid bronzer might only make things worse. Furthermore, powder bronzers are usually easier to blend than liquid bronzers, so if you're a beginner bronzer, powder is a good place to start [source: Jones].

A liquid bronzer must be applied with a slightly damp makeup wedge or your fingers. It has the texture of foundation, but is decidedly not foundation. You need to be very careful about avoiding streak lines on your skin when you use liquid or crème bronzers.

If you don't want the dryness of powder or the difficult application of a liquid bronzer, try one in between. Crème and gel bronzers are easy to apply and can be used without foundation. They blend in with your natural skin easily but do not often streak. And they work best with normal to dry skin -- a great compromise for all skin types [source: Jones].

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