5 Spa Dangers


Allergies and Skin Reactions

Oils, lotions and powders can all help enhance a spa procedure, but occasionally, clients can find allergies or sensitive skin problems disturbing their treatment. It's important to let spa practitioners know about any issues you have, as well as any other outstanding health conditions. Chances are good they can work around the problem, maybe by choosing a replacement product or altering their techniques to fit your personal needs.

Don't forget food allergies either. Lots of spa treatments involve all sorts of delicious eats. You might find yourself being slathered with anything from chocolate to olive oil, honey to rice bran, and lots more. So if you're worried, say, a caviar facial will trigger your fish allergy or a rubdown with sweet almond oil will do the same to your nut allergy, it pays to ask. Spa personnel can advise you of an alternative if necessary, or perhaps test it out on a discrete patch of skin before using it more extensively.