5 Spa Dangers

Risk of Infection

Infection is a real risk in the spa industry. While many spas run a nice clean shop and take proper safety precautions, unfortunately not all spas live up to those standards. Plus, even in the most shipshape spas, conditions are perfect for bacteria and fungi to flourish -- it requires constant vigilance to keep things clean. While at a spa, keep a constant eye out for signs of a dedicated attention to cleanliness, and it's also good to see certifications and credentials hanging up for display.

When it comes to spa pools, hot, oxygenated water that person after person plunks into is exactly what many microbial bad guys need to thrive and spread. Luckily, there are steps that decrease the potential for an outbreak. Spa pools should be filtered, disinfected and drained on a regular basis. Visitors shouldn't overdo their time in the water or swallow any of it, and they should also take care to wash off directly before and after.

It's pretty similar when it comes to foot-soaking basins. Feet should be free of cuts and other surface damage, then after each client is serviced the basins need to be emptied, washed, disinfected, rinsed and drained. A thorough cleaning needs to be done nightly as well, and everything given the chance to air dry. Regular spa-goers can also opt to acquire their own equipment so they never have to share.

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