How to Wash Your Face

Preparing to Wash Your Face

Before you begin, assemble what you need, and get your hair off your face with a headband, barrette or clip if necessary. The next step is important -- wash your hands. You come into contact with germs, dirt, oils and other substances during the day that you don't want to transfer to your face.

For most people, a twice-daily washing -- morning and night -- is sufficient. However, if your face is extremely oily, you'll probably feel better if you wash again during the afternoon. This can be a hassle if you wear makeup, but as you've no doubt discovered, you'll look better with that extra wash. Also, if you work out or sweat for some other reason during the day, you will want to gently wash afterwards. Resist the urge to use a towel to rub your face free of sweat.

When searching for the perfect facial cleanser, take into account your skin type. Sensitive skin requires fragrance-free cleansers that are specially formulated to be gentle. Those with acne-prone skin should also use a gentle cleanser so as to not irritate the skin further [source: Mayo Clinic: Acne].

The water you use can also make or break your skin care routine. Read on to learn why water temperature is so important.