Top 5 Most Popular Skin Cleansers

Exfoliating Scrubs

There are many skin cleansing products that can help wash your skin, but did you know that there's an entire industry devoted to helping you remove it? This industry manufactures exfoliating scrubs. These are cleansers designed to help you remove your face's stratum corneum, which is your outermost layer of skin.

The stratum corneum consists of hardened, dead skin cells that are grouped together to form a protective barrier between the underlying layers of living skin and the outside world. Exfoliating scrubs use abrasive materials, such as ground fruit pits, to dissolve and remove these dead cells. Using an exfoliating scrub improves skin texture and allows moisture and other skin care products be more fully absorbed. However, those with sensitive skin may find that the process leaves them irritated or inflamed, and even people with the toughest of hides can receive minor abrasions and open wounds from the exfoliating process [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. As a result, most exfoliating scrubs should typically be used no more once a week.

Exfoliating scrubs aren't the only skin cleanser that will yield a smoother epidermis. If you like the benefits of exfoliation but could do without the harsh process, try using a mild to moderate cleanser and then a moisturizer to achieve similar results. Or, you can try making a gentle, all-natural exfoliating scrub at home. Simply combine strawberries, olive oil and sea salt to create a skin-softening cleanser for the face, hands and feet [source: Planet Green].

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