Do certain cleansers cause itchiness?

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When you walk down the cleanser aisle in your local drugstore, the choices can be overwhelming. There are facial cleansers for every skin type, products claiming to cure every skin problem, body washes that smell like every fruit combination imaginable and soaps that come in bar, foam and liquid form. How do you know which is the best option for your skin?

With so many products out there, the most important thing is how your skin will feel afterward. High on most people's lists is avoiding dry skin and the itchiness, irritation and fine lines that come with it. Though dry skin, or xerosis, isn't a serious medical condition, it can be extremely uncomfortable and can have unattractive symptoms. In severe cases, dry skin can lead to a more serious infection. It's often unavoidable because it can be caused by weather, geographic location, air conditioning, pollution and sun exposure -- all elements that are almost impossible to avoid on a daily basis. Knowing the right products to use and the most effective cleansing routine are the first steps in providing relief for your dry skin.

As common as dry skin is, it's just as easy to avoid when you take the proper steps and use the right products. There are several easy lifestyle changes you can make to avoid dry skin and itchiness -- from when you moisturize to what type of water you use when you cleanse. You might have to make some adjustments, but you'll soon feel relief, especially in settings where dry skin is most common.

Read on to discover if the cleansers currently in your shower are the cause of your itchy skin.