Cleansing Eyewipes Basics

Using cleansing wipes can keep the eye area clean and help you avoid conditions like conjunctivitis. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
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With a daunting number of over-the-counter cleansing products to choose from, you might sometimes wish that there were one product that would do it all -- a single cleanser to take care of your hair, face and body. This idea, like many, is great in theory, but less sensible in practice. Certain areas of your body, like your eyes, need gentler handling than others. That's why products like cleansing eye wipes are available.

The skin around your eyes is naturally more sensitive than skin on other areas of your body, simply because it's much thinner. It's also more prone to dryness than the skin on some other areas. And there are many reasons why you might want to clean the area around your eyes throughout the day. Makeup removal is one reason. Also, certain conditions can affect your eyes -- dryness or allergies, for example -- and produce a runny discharge or "goop" that requires care while cleaning to avoid irritation [source: WebMD]. Eye-cleansing wipes can help in these cases, without damaging the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Though the primary function of all cleansing eye wipes is to carefully clean the area around your eyes, there are several different types with specialized functions, and some may be better for your needs than others. Eye wipes that target cosmetics, for example, are generally designed to gently remove your eye makeup without water. However, if you wear waterproof mascara, you may want to look for a different, stronger type of remover than someone who wears a non-waterproof formula.

Read on to learn more about the different types of eye wipes available.