Cleansing Eyewipes Basics

Types of Cleansing Eye Wipes

Since the demand for cleansing wipes continues to grow, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Many major brands offer their own version, and some contain active ingredients that mimic your favorite products. Those that are suitable for the eyes, however, are very specialized -- they're uniquely formulated to be gentle enough for that area.

But cleansing wipes in general can be broken down further into even more specific categories: dry and wet. The type you choose may depend primarily on your lifestyle: If you typically wash your face and eye area when you're near a sink, dry wipes -- which you'll need water to use -- should work just fine. But if you need to cleanse more often while you're on the go, you may prefer the wet kind.

If you need eye wipes specifically for makeup removal, you'll have to be even more particular about the kind that you choose. First, consider what kind of makeup you wear. If you use a waterproof formula of eyeliner or mascara, you'll probably want a makeup removal wipe with more oil than water in it -- these are designed to wash away stubborn cosmetics [source: Brown].

Remember to be gentle when using eye wipes to remove makeup. Press the wipe gently to your eye for a few seconds to give the removal ingredients time to react with your makeup. Then, move it slowly across your eyelid until the makeup is gone. If you need to rinse your eyes afterward to get rid of any oily residue, pat -- don't rub -- the area dry afterward [source: Brown, Mayo Clinic]. Make sure there's no makeup or cleanser left on your eye rim when you're finished -- this can lead to eye irritation.

If you have little time to spend on your skin care regimen, read on to learn more about low maintenance eye cleansing alternatives.