Cleansing Eyewipes Basics

No-Rinse Cleansing Eye Wipes

Compared to traditional face and eye cleaning techniques, cleansing eye wipes seem like a convenience, because each wipe is basically a washcloth and soap combined. No-rinse cleansing eye wipes take that a step further by cutting out the need for water or even a bathroom. These wipes come pre-moistened, and sometimes they're even packaged individually to make it easier to stuff them into your purse or backpack.

No-rinse wipes may come in handy if you have an eye condition -- such as allergies -- that requires you to clean your eye area throughout the day, or if you just need to remove your makeup before you get home from work or school. They're also a packable cleansing option for people who do a lot of traveling or camping and don't have ready access to bathrooms all the time. Or, if you're just too tired at night to go through your entire cleansing routine, using no-rinse wipes can be simply a quicker way to get your face clean before going to bed.

You might want to test out different kinds of no-rinse eye wipes to find out which ones work best for you. Although manufacturers claim they work without water, some brands may leave a residue on your face that you'll want to rinse off anyway, especially if the wipes are oil-based. Many health and beauty Web sites do this testing for you and offer their opinions on which products work best.

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