Cleansing Eyewipes Basics

Benefits of Cleansing Eye Wipes

The most obvious benefit of cleansing eye wipes is that they're easy to use, and using them takes a lot less time than washing your face the old-fashioned way. This is especially true if no-rinse wipes are your product of choice -- these can travel just about anywhere with you, and you can use them at any time, even if you don't have access to a bathroom.

Cleansing eye wipes also are helpful for getting rid of the various types of discharge that can develop around your eyes. Eye goop can be clear and watery, pus-like or rubbery, depending on how healthy your eyes are and if you have an infection or not [source: WebMD]. If you're prone to eye discharge or you just want to get rid of the sleepy eye dust that you notice in your tear ducts every morning, eye wipes are a great way to take care of it without harming the sensitive skin in that area. However, if you're experiencing eye pain in addition to a discharge, and you think you might have an infection, you should consult your doctor.

Keeping your eyes and the skin around your eyes clean has some real health benefits, too -- it can keep disease-causing bacteria at bay. Taking every opportunity to make sure this part of your face is free of germs can prevent a number of irritations and infections.

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