Daily Dry Skin Care Regimens

Daily Moisturizing for Dry Skin

If it's difficult for you to maintain a daily moisturizing ritual, the culprit may be the 10 different creams you're using -- no wonder you're tired! Daily moisturizing doesn't have to be a complicated multistep process. Moisturizing can be as simple as keeping a bottle of baby oil in the shower to apply before toweling off, or it could be as easy as leaving a bottle of lotion by the sink for a quick dollop after washing. In fact, a good moisturizer is often all you'll need to make dry skin a thing of the past.

Oils are the key ingredients in lubricants that moisturize your skin, but not all lotions are created equal. A daily hand lotion may be all you need, but if your skin is extremely dry, try a lotion that contains shea, olive or cocoa butter. These ingredients further protect skin from dryness by holding in moisture and forming a barrier between the skin and outside elements like the sun and wind. Ointment moisturizers, lotions with a thicker consistency, are recommended for problem areas like heels and elbows.

If you have sensitive skin, washing too often or using the wrong cleanser can cause acne and conditions like dermatitis and eczema, medical conditions that inflame and irritate the skin [source: WebMD]. But there are plenty of gentle moisturizers designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Look for lotions labeled as noncomedogenic because these are less likely to clog pores. Moisturizers that contain mineral oil, avocado oil and primrose oil are gentle on sensitive skin. Using a lotion that contains sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher is also recommended because it protects delicate facial skin from the sun. Also, be aware that many age-defying moisturizers contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which can cause excessive drying [source: Bouchez].

You need to get rid of excess oil, but you don't want to dry out your skin. Read on to learn how to properly cleanse your skin.