How to Even Out Your Skin Tone

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Nobody's perfect -- and neither is their skin. Imperfections come in the form of sunspots, freckles, red blotchy areas and countless others. So why do these imperfections show themselves? The usual cause is too much sun exposure, but other things may affect it as well. Skin can become discolored as a result of hormonal imbalances. If you're on birth control or pregnant, you might notice that your skin tone seems to change from day to day [source: Austin]. As skin is our largest organ, it also happens to be the most exposed. Lucky for us, there are a few tricks we can use to try and even the tone out.

It may be tempting to spend the day basking in the sun. After all, who doesn't love a good tan?

Unfortunately, this is a dangerous practice, and people who don't protect themselves from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are at a much greater risk of developing skin cancer. There are much safer ways to even out your skin tone than chasing the perfect tan.

These days, there are entire aisles in the supermarket dedicated to skin care products. It's hard to know which ones actually deliver the results they claim and which ones just drain our wallets. Drinking water is a cost effective way to improve your skin health. As a general rule, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. Not only will this help improve your overall health, but your skin should look and feel better [source: Natural Skincare Secrets]. Products that can help you even out your skin tone include exfoliating scrubs, moisturizers and makeup. Using these items correctly and in combination with each other may greatly improve the look of your skin.

Achieving healthy, even looking skin is an ongoing process. It takes a strict regimen and an awareness of what might be working against you. Read on to find out how exfoliating can help you even out your skin tone.