Daily Dry Skin Care Regimens

Daily Protection for Dry Skin

If you're prone to dry skin, you can treat it -- and possibly even prevent it -- with a few simple tricks. First, line up your skin care products and read the ingredient lists. Then, consult the ingredients guidelines outlined on the previous pages and check to see if you're using the products properly.

Next, dissect how you cleanse your skin. If you take long, hot showers multiple times a day, stop that habit immediately. Make sure your bath soap is moisturizing -- not deodorizing -- because deodorizing soaps can strip your skin of its oils. After showering, you can seal in that moisture by applying baby oil to your skin before drying off. You can also liberally apply lotion to your skin before toweling off. Bothered by scaly feet? Apply lotion to your tootsies before bed and cover them with a pair of lightweight socks. The same trick is recommended for hands. Before washing dishes, apply lotion to your hands and slip on rubber gloves [source: Davis].

Now that you know the basics of a daily dry skin care regimen, you can visit the links on the following page to learn more.

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