Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Body Cleanser

Analyze Your Skin
To give your skin the care it needs, you have to figure out what those needs are.
To give your skin the care it needs, you have to figure out what those needs are.

For as much time as we spend in it, most of us don't know very much about our skin, especially what "skin type" we have. There are different skin characteristics that are more prominent in some people than in others. To narrow down your search for a daily body cleanser, you first need to know a little more about your skin.

You may have:

  • Normal skin. A "normal" skin type represents a good balance of moisture, oil content and low sensitivity.
  • Oily skin. If your skin looks shiny or moist a few hours after showering, you may have oily skin. Fortunately, there's an entire industry devoted to your needs.
  • Dry skin. Dry skin can feel tight after washing, look red and irritated and make you superitchy. Since many cleansers are geared toward eliminating oils (which you don't have to spare), identifying this skin type is important so that you don't pick the wrong cleanser and exacerbate the problem.
  • Sensitive skin. This skin type is more likely to have allergic reactions to chemicals, plants and even certain foods. If this is your type, you'll want to avoid unnecessary perfumes and other chemicals that could irritate your skin.
  • Combination skin. If your skin is oily one month and dry the next (or normal in some places, but oily in others), then you have combination skin.

Once you identify your skin type, you can dive into your options, which we'll do on the next page.

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