Dry Lips: Fast Facts

  1. Lips don't have melanin, the pigment that helps protect your skin against the sun's rays, so they are particularly susceptible to sunburns. Learn more about how the elements affect your lips.
  1. The enzymes in saliva that break down your food do the same thing to your lips when you lick them, causing them to get dry and cracked. Learn more about licking your lips.
  1. Breathing from your mouth can cause your lips to dry out as the air dries lip moisture with every breath. Learn more about why you shouldn't breathe though your mouth.
  1. Drinking plenty of water each day isn't just good for your body -- it's one of the easiest ways to keep your lips moisturized. Learn more about moisturizing your lips.
  1. Lip balms help ease dry, chapped lips by creating a barrier on top of your lips' mucus membranes, which keeps moisture in and the rest of the world out. Learn more about lip balms.

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