Top 5 Foot Moisturizing Tips for Men

Exfoliant and Moisturizer: Dynamic Duo

Keeping your feet well moisturized should be part of your daily routine, just like your shower, but an occasional exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells and smooth rough patches.

After -- or during -- your shower, rub the bottoms of your feet and heels with a pumice stone to remove dead skin and patchy spots, and follow up with a thick moisturizer. Don't have a pumice stone? Sandpaper will do the trick. A good exfoliation a few times a week -- don't overdo it -- can lessen the need for thick creams to heal calluses, dry heels and soles.

Sound like a lot of effort just for feet? Skip the pumice stone and pick up a foot cream that lists salicylic acid, lactic acid or urea in its ingredients -- these are all known to make skin smoother and are tough enough to handle even the thickest spots on feet in just one step.

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