Skin Care for Men

Although men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin than women do, their skin needs should not be ignored. Skin care for men includes moisturizing, cleansing, shaving and more.

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Can You Get Lice in Your Beard?

It's rare but you could find some of those tiny bugs crawling around in your beard. So how did they get there and how you get rid of them?

Laser Razors: They're Sort of Like Lightsabers for Grooming

If you could ditch your tired, old, plastic blade for a laser razor, would you?

Does shaving really make hair grow back thicker?

Hairy humans have been obsessing over the coarse matter of shaving for decades. So does the time-honored razor ritual make for thicker, gleaming, streaming hair?

Skin Care Tips for Men with Oily Skin

Women aren't the only ones who battle oily skin. Get skin care advice for men with oily skin.

Top 5 Foot Moisturizing Tips for Men

You probably don't pay much attention to them, but your feet work hard for you, even if you neglect them when it comes to daily hygiene. But isn't washing them good enough? Or does it take more to keep your feet healthy, like using moisturizer?

Top 5 Hand Moisturizing Tips for Men

Keeping your hands from looking like leathery mitts can be rough, but without good hydration, skin becomes irritated, dry and even cracked. Dry hands are easy to prevent, so how do you keep your hands healthy and your skin moist?

How can I cleanse my skin without drying it out?

We all want clean skin, but choosing a product that won't leave it dry and flaky is easier said than done. Get ready to change not only the products you use to cleanse yourself, but also your cleansing routine.

Does aftershave moisturize my skin?

You're showered, freshly shaven and about to splash on your signature fragrance -- and its signature sting from the alcohol it contains. But what does that mean for your skin and its delicate moisture balance?

Does shaving cream moisturize my skin?

Whether used on your face or legs, shaving cream helps to reduce friction between your skin and the razor. It minimizes razor burn, and the warm water you use helps open pores and soften stubble. But does shaving cream moisturize your skin as it claims?

Does shaving oil moisturize my skin?

Unless you're a man who's decided to sport an unkempt beard, you're going to be shaving with some regularity for the rest of your life. You'll need to choose shaving products carefully, so what's the deal with shaving oil? Does it moisturize skin?

How are men's moisturizers different from women's moisturizers?

The differences between men and women extend beyond physical size. In fact, our very skins are different -- and they have unique needs. So how do men's and women's skin differ, and how do our moisturizers take this into account?

Should men use different moisturizers than women?

If we can learn nothing more from a walk down the personal care aisles at the pharmacy, we'd learn that men and women need different skin-care products. Or do they? Are there really gender-specific needs for something as universal as moisturizer?

Top 5 Body Moisturizing Tips for Men

Does dry skin really chap your hide? It's no wonder, considering all we put it through. Harsh weather conditions, improper care and other habits can lead to problems. But before experiencing any pain, itchiness or tightness, take these steps to be a friend to your skin.

What are the best moisturizers for men with dry skin?

If you're a man with dry skin, you may think that any old lotion will do. But men's skin is different from women's -- typically thicker, oilier and with bigger pores. Luckily, manufacturers have realized this, and we have tips for finding the product that's right for you.

What are the best moisturizers for men with oily skin?

Men have tougher skins than women, but this comes at a price -- oil. How do men deal with oily skin without looking like a greaseball?

What are the best moisturizers for men with sensitive skin?

Itchy, burning, irritated skin can bring the toughest dude to his knees if he uses the wrong moisturizer. Luckily, the right ingredients can help clear that up -- if he knows what to look for.

What should men look for in an all-in-one moisturizer?

It packs a multitude of ingredients, but that doesn't mean an all-in-one moisturizer will address all your needs. You have to find the product designed for your specific skin type. How do you go about it?

Why should men maintain a moisturizing regimen?

Nobody wants dry, itchy skin -- not even manly men. But will lathering up with moisturizer strike a blow to your masculinity? And how can you find a product that does the job without making you smell like a bouquet of roses?

How are men's body cleansers different from women's body cleansers?

Unlike bar soap from days gone by, today's body cleansers promise to moisturize, deodorize and prevent skin problems. But do the ingredients of body cleansers made for men versus those made for women make a difference, or are these cleansers unisex?

How are men's facial cleansers different from women's facial cleansers?

Think the only difference between men's and women's facial cleansers is the packaging? Think again. Men have tougher, oilier skin and need a special formulation to help them take care of the body's largest organ. So just what makes one product different from the other?

How often should men exfoliate their bodies?

Men are becoming more conscious about their skin. One method of making their skin look younger and fresh is exfoliation. But too much -- or too little -- of a good thing can backfire.

How often should men exfoliate their faces?

Skin care for men is all the rage lately. But you hardly know what exfoliation is -- and you certainly don't know when you should do it. Never fear. We'll guide you across the skin care landscape.

How often should men wash their faces?

Sad, but true: Men don't take care of their faces as well as they should. They may wash too often, too little or at the wrong time. Luckily, we have some tips designed to help them out.

Should men wash their face before they shave?

Shaving can be a hazardous activity if you don't do it right. Acne and assorted razor burns and bumps are among the unwanted results. Washing your face can have an influence -- but how?

Should men wash their faces with soap?

The first step to a healthy complexion is proper cleansing. But that bar of soap on the sink may not be the best thing for a man wanting a healthy, handsome glow.