Are electric shavers better for sensitive skin?

Electric shavers will probably shave some time off of your morning routine -- pun intended.
Electric shavers will probably shave some time off of your morning routine -- pun intended.

Shaving is more than simply keeping your face nice and smooth. It's a rite of passage for young men entering adolescence. Young boys grow up watching their fathers and grandfathers shave, and before long, they begin to mimic it on their own. It's one of the many things that kids do to play grownup. Once a boy reaches the age where he has a legitimate claim to shave, it's an exciting experience and part of the transition from boy to young man. But, like many adult things kids yearn for, before long, it becomes another tedious chore. Not many grown men look forward to shaving because of the irritating effect it can have on the skin. Some people's skin is more sensitive than others, but most men at one time or another have felt the ill effects of shaving on their face. Sometimes it's a cut that won't stop bleeding, other times a slight rash can break out. Even non-sensitive skin will likely feel raw for at least a few hours after a tough shave.

When it comes to shaving the face, there are generally two ways to go: You can go with an electric razor, or you can choose a blade, whether it's a straight razor, reusable pivoting multi-blade razor, safety razor or the disposable kind. Chances are, a teenager won't have much of a preference at first, but as the boy grows, he'll have more of an opinion on what kind of blade touches his face. In general, electric shavers are better for sensitive skin because there's no chance for cuts, nicks and/or razor burn. This doesn't mean that there's no irritation with electric razors, but they're generally easier on sensitive skin.


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