Men's Shaving Tips

If you're looking for great men's shaving tips, look no further. In this section you'll learn everything you need to know about men's shaving such as choosing shaving creams, avoiding shaving bumps and more!

If you could ditch your tired, old, plastic blade for a laser razor, would you?

Hairy humans have been obsessing over the coarse matter of shaving for decades. So does the time-honored razor ritual make for thicker, gleaming, streaming hair?

Most men don't look forward to waking up in the morning and shaving. For some, it can be a painful and sometimes bloody process. But if you have sensitive skin, there are ways around the cuts and nicks.

While aftershave is a relatively new product, it's made a lot of strides. You can find all-natural products or aftershave made for sensitive skin. But what kind of chemicals may be wreaking havoc on your face?

Shaving has been happening for tens of thousands of years. While it's moved beyond using rocks and shells, there are still some dangers that lurk around. Besides cuts and razor burn, you also have to think about harsh chemicals.

Baby oil is inexpensive, and just a little of it goes a long way. In a pinch, you can slather some on in place of shaving cream. So, why not use it all the time?

Unless you're growing a full beard, shaving is undoubtedly part of your routine. Fortunately, there's no right or wrong way to shave. Whatever works for your skin is what's right, but there are a few tricks to making shaving a less irritating experience.

If your daily shave leaves you fighting an endless battle against red and swollen shaving bumps, know this: It's not hopeless. So what causes shaving bumps, and how do you get rid of them, short of swearing off shaving forever?

Shaving shouldn't be something you dread, but it can be for people who have sensitive skin. When everything from chemicals in tap water to fragrances in soap can irritate skin, how can you choose a shaving cream that doesn't?

You have many choices available when it comes to hair removal, including an assortment of creams, gels and lotions to soften the hairs and enable a razor to glide over your face without hacking it to pieces. So how do you choose the best one for you?

If shaving means spending days with sensitive, broken-out skin, then you may have shaving rash. Skipping shaving altogether would be a great solution, but that's not always possible, so the best thing to do is learn how to keep the rash at bay.

Shaving began with shark's teeth -- which couldn't be good for skin -- but in these days of quintuple blades and lubrication strips, have things really improved? The answer, as with so many of life's profound questions, is that it depends.

Learn about the social phenomenon of shaving and the evolution of shaving technology.