Top 5 Allergens in Moisturizers



Wool alcohols, which are derived from sheep's fleece, can be used in skin care products. One such wool alcohol, lanolin, is a common emollient. As you may know, emollients are one of the active ingredients in moisturizers that replace oils in your skin and make it smooth. As with formaldehyde, you can find lanolin in a number of industrial products and household items like shoe polish, as well as in cosmetics.

If you notice your skin becoming swollen, red and itchy, and if you develop puffy blisters, these are signs that you may be allergic to the lanolin in your moisturizer, makeup or shaving cream. People with leg ulcers are especially susceptible to lanolin allergies. The good news is that there are other oil-based moisturizers that might work for you. If lanolin is making you itchy, opt for a lotion that contains mineral oil, instead.