Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Cream Ingredients

Unusual Skin Care Ingredients Image Gallery Do you know what you're putting on your face? See more pictures of unusual skin care ingredients.

Facial creams claim to do everything from minimizing wrinkles to completely reversing the aging process. The formulas for these cosmetics are complex and usually closely guarded, but it's mandated that the ingredients are clearly listed. If you took the time to read the label, you may be surprised at what you see. Human breast milk? The bone marrow of a chicken? Those are just a couple of things you may find in your beauty cream.

Our ancient human ancestors used various natural concoctions to help preserve their skin. Rose oil, kiwi, mud and honey are just a few "normal" examples of natural skin preservatives used then that are still used today. Then there are the weird ones. Cultures used different ingredients depending on what was available in their region. Some of those ingredients lasted through time and went on to play a part in the mainstream cosmetics market. So, thanks to ancient practices from all over the world, beauty creams can contain some pretty unusual ingredients.