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5 Important Ingredients in Face Moisturizers for Women

You slather it on every day, but what's really in your face moisturizer? We teach you the ingredients in face moisturizers that can give you youthful skin

Is jojoba oil good for my skin?

Jojoba oil can be used on your skin and hair and may even help with acne. Learn the many ways that jojoba oil can benefit your skin.

Is shea butter good for face skin?

Shea butter's benefits are well-known and accepted by dermatolgists and beauty fiends. But does what are shea butter's benefits for your face?

Quick Tips: What do the best face creams have in common?

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, you want the best face cream you can afford. Learn the secret ingredients that make up the best face creams

How to Choose a Face Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin

Greasy face creams can worsen acne. Use our tips for finding acne-fighting moisturizers. Here's what to look for when choosing an acne-fighting moisturizer

Quick Tips: When should you get a new moisturizer?

Moisturizers, like any other beauty product, have a shelf life. Learn how long moisturizer stays good and when you should get a new one.

Quick Tips: What's the advantage of face cream with peptides?

Peptides can be great for your skin, especially when they're in your face cream. Learn why peptides are a must-have for glowing skin

What do the best face creams have in common?

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, you want the best face cream you can afford. Learn the secret ingredients that make up the best face creams

Zinc: Should it be in your face cream?

An important nutrient for your body, zinc is also great for your skin. Learn all the wonderful ways zinc works for your skin.

5 Pumpkin Recipes for Your Beauty Routine

Try these pumpkin recipes for face masks, body scrubs and more! Packed with skin-saving ingredients, these pumpkin recipes will give you great skin.

How to Make a Homemade Moisturizer

Homemade moisturizers and face masks are an easy way to save on skin care. Follow our DIY tips for making healthy and safe homemade moisturizers.

Understanding Vitamin E Cream for Your Face

Is vitamin E cream good for your skin on your face? We'll teach you how vitamin E cream can prevent wrinkles and moisturize your skin

5 Ways Olive Oil Helps Your Skin

Olive oil tastes great and gives your skin care routine a boost. It's a natural remedy for dry skin and much more! See five ways olive oil helps skin.

Quick Tips: Using Argan Oil on Your Skin

Argan oil can be used on your skin for great results! Check out these tips on how to use argan oil to make your skin look beautiful.

5 Exotic Ingredients Found in Moisturizers

Some people will try anything in search of the perfect moisturizer. How do nightingales, snakes and pearls contribute exotic ingredients to moisturizer products?

Why don't all moisturizers include sunscreen?

Moisturizers often -- though not always -- include a sunscreen to create a combination product for added skin protection. Why do some cosmetics companies still choose to sell them separately?

Can you use oil-based moisturizer on oily skin?

That slick stuff is actually doing its best to help your hair and skin. Is this a case of the more oil, the merrier? Or should shiny, happy people shun oil-based moisturizers?

Mattifying Lotions

For people who have oily skin, mattifying lotions can help reduce shine and give the skin a smoother look. How do these lotions cut down on oil to boost your skin's appearance?

Can petroleum jelly be used as a moisturizer?

Some moisturizers cost hundreds of dollars. These products promise to erase lines, wrinkles and dark spots. But can a trusty tub of petroleum jelly do the same thing?

Should you use a pumice stone before moisturizing your feet?

Your feet endure a lot of wear and tear as they're getting you where you need to go. So how do your tootsies like to be treated?

Moisturizing Eye Creams

As you age, your skin inevitably becomes drier and fine lines begin to show. Moisturizing eye creams are geared toward fighting these signs of aging, but can they really do what they promise?

Moisturizing Gloves

With all the tasks our hands are responsible for during the day, it's no wonder they often dry out easily. Could moisturizing gloves be the key to keeping them soft and supple?

Moisturizing Socks

Moisturizing socks can condition your feet when they're dry and cracked. What do these socks have in common with disposable diapers, and how does that help them soften your soles?

Oil-free Face Lotions

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may avoid using moisturizers -- but an oil-free facial lotion may be just what your skin needs.

Organic Lotions 101

You may have noticed lotions labeled "all-natural" and "organic" nestled among the multitude of moisturizing products on the skin care aisle. But are organic lotions better for your skin?