Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Cream Ingredients


Cow Dung

A cow's waste just may save your face.
A cow's waste just may save your face.

While it may not be on the shelves just yet, researchers in Japan have devised a way to create a sweet vanilla fragrance from cow dung. In 2006, it was announced thatwhen the manure goes through a specific heating and pressure process, it produces the central component of the vanilla bean, vanillin. While it was determined that the extract shouldn't be used in food items, they do promise to eventually use it as a fragrance in cosmetics, soaps and shampoos. It's a promising development, since it's essentially a recycling process and it costs less than half of extracting vanillin from a vanilla bean. The researchers are working to refine the process and they hope to be able to use it in a commercial application by 2010.