Top 10 Tips for Moisturizing Dry Skin

Know Thyself

Perhaps the most important skin moisturizing tip we can give you is to know and trust yourself. Everyone's body is different, and no set of tips is comprehensive or applicable to all people. If your skin is less dry when you're using natural skin care products, ditch the chemicals and go organic. If your xerosis feels better when you cut out a few baths per week, don't bathe every day. While it's generally recommended to stick to a daily moisturizing regimen, your skin won't shrivel up if you only apply a moisturizer when you feel like it or whenever your skin feels dry. Failing to use a moisturizer won't even cause wrinkles [source: Cosgrave]. You're the one who has to be comfortable in your skin, so figure out what works for you and disregard everything else.

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