Top 5 Infections You Can Pick Up at the Nail Salon


Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot isn't just for athletes.
Athlete's foot isn't just for athletes.

Despite its name, athlete's foot affects people regardless of their athletic prowess. It's the common name for tinea pedis, a fungal infection that requires a moist, confined environment to take root and spread.

Unfortunately, the pedicure baths of a salon provide a breeding ground. Let's face it: Lots of feet get put into that tub, and not all of those feet are clean. If a spa doesn't regularly clean its foot tubs between each client, the odds of leaving the spa with a fungal infection you didn't walk in with increase. Also, fungus isn't so easily removed from the surfaces it grows on, so a light cleaning may not rid a tub of its presence. Frequent use of an anti-fungal cleaning agent is the best way to prevent spa clients from getting athlete's foot from a foot tub. On the other hand, if your feet are itching like crazy and you haven't changed your socks in weeks, you should steer clear of spas or any activity that could potentially spread the fungus to others.

A spa treatment is supposed to make you feel like a princess, so you don't want to go home looking more like the frog the princess kissed instead.