Top 5 Infections You Can Pick Up at the Nail Salon


Mycobacterium fortuitum

Beware bacteria!
Beware bacteria!

This nasty bug might give you a good reason not to shave your legs. You can get Mycobacterium fortuitum from foot baths -- and the risk is greatly increased when a soak is preceded by leg shaving.

What does an M. fortuitum infection consist of? Large boils on the toe, foot or leg. These boils may be surrounded by smaller bumps. Sometimes they heal on their own, but they can linger and even turn into open sores. M. fortuitum boils can be lanced by a medical professional and treated with extremely potent antibiotics, but unfortunately, these boils and sores can cause heavy scarring.

To avoid getting the bug, pay attention to any regional reports of M. fortuitum outbreaks. Take your own nail tools to the salon for them to use during your appointment. And don't be afraid to ask the salon owner about the establishment's cleaning procedures. After all, you want to treat yourself, but not to a bug like M. fortuitum.

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