10 Steps to Do Your Own Pedicure

DIY pedicures are great for girls' night in.
DIY pedicures are great for girls' night in.
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Each year when winter ends, the warm weather rituals begin -- planting new flowers, buying spring clothes, getting outdoors. Among these time-honored traditions is the summer pedicure -- a time when women everywhere soak, file, pumice and polish until their toes are sandal-ready.

As wonderful as it feels to get a pedicure while you flip through the latest People magazine, salon pedicures take time and money that you don't always have. Years ago, I realized that regular salon or day spa pedicures can break the bank. So, I went the budget route, using an inexpensive walk-in place and ended up with a nasty little foot condition that made me swear off cheap pedicures forever. After all, there's nothing like a foot fungus to put the damper on summer sandals.

So what's a girl to do? Well, like The Home Depot used to say, "You can do it. We can help." A do-it-yourself (DIY) pedicure saves money, time, and you can schedule it whenever you want -- even 11 o' clock at night. The DIY pedicure can also be a great girls-night-in event, mother/daughter moment or a romantic evening of pampering if your significant other is willing to play along.

For your home pedicure, you'll need some supplies:

  • tub or basin
  • soaking salts or bubble bath
  • towels
  • cuticle oil
  • nail file, clipper and cuticle stick
  • pumice stone and foot file
  • polish -- a top/base coat and color
  • cotton pads (neater & more precise than cotton balls)
  • foot cream
  • nail polish remover

Now let's get started. We'll show you how to do this in 10 easy steps.