Use Vinegar to Stretch Your Nail Polish Dollar

nail polish photo

Times is tough. They are so tough, in fact, I can't even use the right verb conjugations to describe how tough these times is. We're in a recession. People are looking for creative ways to save money. Folks are making cutbacks all over the place. They are eating out less, buying less and repairing instead of replacing.

Well, I think I've found a decent money-saving tip for the ladies and the goths in the audience. You can make your nail polish last longer with vinegar. Simply soak your fingernails for one minute in ½ cup of warm water and two teaspoons of vinegar, either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will do the trick. Wait for you nails to dry. Paint them as usual. This will remove oils often found on the nails. The paint will stick to the surface of the nails and not to the oils.


By reducing the amount of nail polish that you use, you will reduce the amount of trash that you produce. Reducing the amount of trash produced is good for the environment. It's also good for your pocketbook.

Don't forget to use all-natural nail polish. Non-organic nail polishes often contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Stay away from those toxic nail polishes.

Thanks to the internet, you can find organic nail polish for your fingertips with your fingertips.