5 Things You Need to Know About Milia

From acne to sensitive skin, there's no shortage of beauty woes. However, there may be one you're suffering from that you may not even know by name. Have you ever noticed small, pearly-white bumps on your cheeks and around your eyes? Unlike acne, which most of us know when we see it -- and how could you not when it's probably big and red and right in the middle of your face -- most of us have these small white bumps but have absolutely no idea what they are, what caused them or how to get rid of them.

First things first: These bumps aren't a rash, nor are they caused by an infection or an allergy. They're called milium, and milia is harmless. Most people find they only notice their milia because they see it in the mirror, not because it's bothersome.

There are two primary types of milia: primary and secondary, and here we'll talk about what causes each type as well as what the treatment options are and how to prevent them.

Primary milia occur most often in infancy, and we'll start our list of things to know with pediatric milia, next.