Age Spots Overview

Home Remedies for Age Spots

Bleaching agents, acid peels and treatments using high-tech machinery can be a little intimidating, not to mention very expensive. They can also leave you with irritation, redness or worse. So where can you turn to try remedies that are less expensive and less abrasive?

The solution could be as close as your kitchen. Everyday products in your fridge and pantry might be less irritating than commercial products, and they are almost certain to be less expensive. Some people swear by their results. Below are some of the top home remedies.

Lemon juice has long been used in an effort to lighten a number of things, including hair and freckles. Try putting lemon slices or juice over your age spots every few hours. The juice might help bleach the skin to a lighter color [source: Hamptonian]. Similarly, you also could try laying slices of potato on your spots to see if it helps.

Other remedies that people have tried include applying vitamin E to the spots, rubbing on a mixture of onion and apple cider vinegar, or blending dandelions into a paste and applying it to the spots [source: Hamptonian]. Be aware that some of these ingredients might cause irritation or allergic reactions, so use them with caution.

As with many home remedies, these treatments aren't an exact science, so you probably shouldn't expect very noticeable or quick results. You also might need to repeat any remedies many times over, whether natural or not, before you see results. And you should discontinue the use of home remedies if you notice skin irritation.

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